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My first Kata dojo

Pia Anhede

Inspired by Tilo Schwartz workshop at KataCon Europe I was running my first Kata Dojo last Friday – and it worked fantastic!

At KataCon EU in Amsterdam I was participating in a workshop called Kata Dojo with Tilo Schwarz. Tilo has a long experience with Kata and he was emphasising that it is the coach who is the real learner. Practicing Kata is highly dependent on the coaching capabilities in the organisation and we really need to train the coaches.

Therefore, Tilo has developed a powerful method and a structure to train coaches in coaching skills. During the workshop we were practising intensively in a number of exercises. Afterwards Tilo challenged us to create our own dojos and generously shared his thinking and material to do so. And so I did!

Back home from Amsterdam I had a discussion with one of my clients (I am working as a consultant) and proposed a Kata Dojo workshop. We had a planning meeting to discuss and defined the struggles they have as coaches. Their main struggle was that they are jumping to solutions instead of understanding the problem or challenge first (sounds familiar?). Based on Tilo’s structure, I developed some materials—adjusted to their situation and struggles—and then we practiced this over and over again in our dojo.

It was a great training and after this first experiment in doing this we will now incorporate it on a broader basis when we train Kata, A3 and problem solving.

Thank you Tilo for not only a great workshop but also for your generosity and openness!

Pia Anhede, Revere
pia@anhede.com, +46705438048